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Favourite S1 Unit

Mr McGowan outside the Schonbrun in Vienna
Mr McGowan is a Teacher of Business Education at Hamilton Grammar.

Mr McGowan teaches Business Management, Administration and Accounting and Finance. He is also the link teacher for Young Enterprise.

He also teaches S1 and S2 IT to the Junior School.

The current S1 course at Hamilton Grammar consists of introductory Word Processing, Email, Music Management Spreadsheets, S1 African Adventure Citizenship Project, S1 Podcasting, and S1 Dragons Den.

S1 Blogging is in the pipeline!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

S1 Podcasts - 1P12

Here are 1P12's movie scripts!

This one is High School Musical (oh no!!!)

Click Here

And yet another High School Musical production!

Click Here

S1 Podcasts - 1P7

Here are a few of 1P7's movie script podcasts.

For Lisa and Nicola's St Trinian's Click Here

For Mamma Mia Click Here

I am sure you will agree there are a few ham actors on there!

1P2 S1 African Adventure Vote